• [Dark & Light] How to set up and maintain a sustainable farm

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 #253  by Raven
 Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:04 pm
Hi Peeps

Hope you are all well. Our admin DrunkenMunki has asked me to write a little guide to help you set up and maintain a workable garden in Dark and Light. This worked for my house, hope it works for you.

1) Set up 20 compost Bins

2) Place 3 x stacks of - shards
- spoilt meat
- charcoal

3) Fill the rest of the slots with grass. With this you can craft 2 large fertilisers

4) Fill the slots again with grass and you will craft another large fertiliser - total of 3 large fertiliser

You might ask why not the small or medium fertiliser - these do not hold for a long time, and you will always have to keep making more to fill your slots in your crop plots, or run out and the plants die :idea:

It is time consuming, and tedious, but you need to do the hard slog initially, then maintaining the garden is easy :roll:

5) You need to repeat the process 1 - 4 until you have 5 large cupboards full of large fertiliser

6) The number of crop plots that was maintainable, I found, was
2 medium - for wheat and herbs
4 large - for the other seeds ( which give you elemental cores as well as flowers, and can only be planted in the large crop plots )

7) Place the seed in the crop plot, fill the slots with the large fertiliser, make sure you have irrigation

8) To start off, each plant will use fertiliser as it is growing - maybe 2- 3 - you fill the slots until the crop plot is full of fertiliser

9) After a day or so you will find the fertiliser usage slows down - may need to replace 1 day

The trick is - do not remove the goods the plant grows until absolutely necessary - as this consumes more fertiliser - so leave the goods in the crop plots and u wont have to replace the fertiliser :idea:

Don't forget to keep your cupboards full of shards, charcoal, spoilt meat and fertiliser, then maintaining your garden is not that hard :D

Enjoy Your Garden :!:

Raven :)
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