SoTF Event; First Place gets a $50 Steam Gift Card, Second place gets a $20 Steam Gift Card
We will be having a 1v1 Event on October 28th at 7pm [NSW/Sydney/Australia time] and be limited to 40 players.
Open to all, not just PlayArk players! tell your friends...
Server settings will be the same as our current server ![AU/NZ] 1v1-FFA-60mins-20xAll-spectate

* note: player count is wrong due to bug with game.
 #239  by bloo2k
 Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:31 pm
Hey guys, I made a video (in this server) to show how to solo tame a fire dragon. Not try to pluck anything (I don't intend to grow a youtube channel), just want to share.
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