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SoTF Event; First Place gets a $50 Steam Gift Card, Second place gets a $20 Steam Gift Card
We will be having a 1v1 Event on October 28th at 7pm [NSW/Sydney/Australia time] and be limited to 40 players.
Open to all, not just PlayArk players! tell your friends...
Server settings will be the same as our current server ![AU/NZ] 1v1-FFA-60mins-20xAll-spectate
About Gaming Alliance Australia

What is Gaming Alliance?
Gaming Alliance is a "one stop shop" for all your game servers to play on, we provide many different servers for guest and members and hope to provide a safe and reliable location for you to enjoy your game-play, as there are so many servers out there with no one accountable and no community to provide ideas, suggestions and feedback (even negative is very useful) we believe Gaming Alliance can amalgamate those individuals out there to one big community.

Will There Be Competitions/Events?
Hell Yeah! we plan on having an occasional raffle, giving away popular games, such as ark, garrys mod... you name it, and hopefully with enough members we will be giving away game systems, such as PC's and Xbox/Playstations ... we want to support our supporters by giving back.

How Can I Get Involved?
It's awesome you want to get involved, this is what you can do to help;
  • Sign Up.. yup that simple
  • Tell all your friends and get them to sign up
  • Make YouTube Videos or post on other forums letting people know about us
  • Are you a company, want to offer your products in our raffles, contact us, we are more than happy to promote you.